My Blockbuster
My Blockbuster
My Blockbuster add-in for Windows Media Center
Manage your Blockbuster Total Access queue from within Media Center
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My Blockbuster allows you to browse and manage your Blockbuster Total Access queue from within Windows Media Center. My Blockbuster works in both MCE 2005 and Vista Media Center. Features include:
  • Add and remove titles from your queue
  • Browse New Releases
  • Browse Recommendations
  • Browse Genres
  • Browse Collections
  • Search
  • View movie details
  • View similar titles
  • View all editions available for a title
  • Watch movie trailers
  • and more...
My Blockbuster was developed by Steven Kean (


I am proud to announce that Vista Media Center is now fully supported as of v0.5 of My Blockbuster.
The latest version of My Blockbuster is v0.5. As this is a beta release, please do not be discouraged by any bugs you may encounter. If you do experience any bugs, please notify me either via The Green Button Forums thread or at the email address listed above.

The latest version of My Blockbuster can be downloaded from:
     My Blockbuster v0.5 (1,204k MSI)

Previous releases can be downloaded from:
     My Blockbuster v0.2 (677k MSI)
     My Blockbuster v0.1 (677k MSI)


Following are some screenshots of the application. Click on an image for a larger version.

Queue Screen - MCE 2005

Queue Screen - Vista

Search Screen - MCE 2005

Search Screen - Vista

Movie Details Screen - MCE 2005

Movie Details Screen - Vista

Movie Editions Screen - MCE 2005

Movie Editions Screen - Vista

Movie Trailer Screen - MCE 2005


If you're interested in donating money to support the development effort and you have a PayPal account, you can do so by clicking the "PayPal Donate" button below.
Alternatively, if you do not have a PayPal account or would prefer to show your support/appreciation without directly donating money, I have set up an Amazon Wishlist from which you can purchase items.
  Purchase something from my Amazon Wishlist!


I am in no way affiliated with Blockbuster. I am just a Blockbuster Total Access subscriber who thought it would be convenient to manage my queue on my TV via MCE. All movie/Blockbuster specific content provided by the My Blockbuster add-in is the property of Blockbuster or its licensors and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws.